Values: What KF should be as an organisation; how we inspire and fulfil our employees.
Credo: The guiding principle for all KF’s employees – a code of conduct that we should abide by every day.


Kyoto Fusioneering fosters a growth mindset,
and operates on an agile development model
– to learn from failure – to build the future of energy.
The development of fusion has remained a dream for decades, but it is now within reach.
Despite this, the road to the realisation of commercial energy production is still long.

All good ideas should be pursued.
Even if an idea fails, you can learn from the experience.
Old ideas may even provide use, even if they have been discarded.
Kyoto Fusioneering will operate on an agile development model,
with the brightest minds encouraged to build, test, fail and learn on rapid cycles.

Kyoto Fusioneering has access to some of the best fusion reactor engineering and technology
in the world, but it is not possible for any company to achieve fusion on its own.
By working together in cooperation with other fusioneers around the world,
we can boldly build an inexhaustible source of energy to secure the future of the planet.



Enjoy the Challenge

Enjoy the unprecedented challenge of developing the energy technology of the future. Revel in the opportunity to take on a challenge that is truly transformational for humankind, and bring passion, without fear of failure or waste to your work.

Respect & Humility

Have respect for your colleagues and for the whole of society
– people, technology, customers and culture – and remain humble.

One Team

Fusion technology can never be realized by just one person.
We will fuse the power of individual minds and operate collectively as one team with strong unity.

Independence & Professionalism

We work as a team, helping each other,
but we are also professionals, independent and proud of our work.

Innovation Mindset

Keep an open mind and a growth mindset. Be reflective. Be thoughtful. Be inquisitive. Think about how you can innovate yourself every day; it isn’t all about technology, it’s about people too.

Shared Spirit

Be willing to share our knowledge, experience, ideas and skills with others. Let’s pass on the culture and skills KF to the next generation. We are stronger as a team.

Take a systems view

Focus on the issues at hand, but take a systems view of everything. Consider how things are connected, and how actions may have consequences – for good or bad. Maintain a global and forward-looking perspective, with the goal of achieving a sustainable society.
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