Our team is working together, committed to achieving our VISION and MISSION.

A Company Without Borders

Our team is already international. We have locations in Kyoto, Tokyo and the UK, who work as one team,
collaborating with each other on our technology R&D and on our business development.

Executive members

長尾 昂
Taka Nagao
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
小西 哲之
Satoshi Konishi
Co-Founder & Chief Fusioneer
坂本 慶司
Keishi Sakamoto
Executive Officer
世古 圭
Kiyoshi Seko
Executive Officer &
Head of Business and PR&Marketing
Richard Pearson
Richard Pearson
Chief Innovator &
UK Director & Co-founder
武田 秀太郎
Shutaro Takeda
Co-Founder & Chief Strategist
今井 隆志
Takashi Imai
Executive Director &
Head of Corporate Adiministration
八木 信宏
Nobuhiro Yagi
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