Fusion energy, often referred to a s “the sun on Earth” and the “trump card for
decarbonization,” is the ultimate energy solution. We are dedicated to its early realization and
is actively engaged in its business endeavors.

What is Fusion Energy?

The ultimate energy solution: fusion.

Has abundant
primary fuels.
Is inherently safe,
with no risk of a runaway
nuclear reaction
causing meltdown.
Does not produce
radioactive waste.
Does not produce
greenhouse emissions.
Fusion energy is the energy source that powers the sun and stars, operating through the combination of light nuclei under great pressure and high temperatures, releasing enormous amounts of energy.

It differs fundamentally from nuclear fission, whereby light nuclei combine with each other under great pressure and at high temperatures, releasing enormous amounts of energy.

The fuel can be extracted from seawater, providing a virtually inexhaustible supply of fuel on the ground, and no greenhouse gases are emitted in the process of power generation.

In addition, it is expected to supply energy to mankind for millions of years to come as a next-generation energy source that simultaneously solves energy and global environmental problems, since it has few hazards in principle and produces no high-level radioactive waste.
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