Our vision is defined as being the future we want to achieve. Our mission shows not just how we will achieve our vision,
but also represents what we will try to do along the way to add value to society.


Solving a global problem
to deliver a new energy future
for humankind
The ultimate energy solution: fusion.

Solving the world’s energy problems
through fusion energy.

Fusion power will provide a stable supply of clean energy. Furthermore, fusion will be a global technology, allowing both developing countries as well as developed countries to prosper. Our vision is to help build a world where everyone can enjoy the benefits of abundant fusion energy.

Combining fusion with decarbonisation technology to create a net zero society.

Kyoto Fusioneering has a vision to apply the enormous heat energy generated by Fusion Energy to be used to realise efficient, cost-effective decarbonisation technology. Fusion has a unique capability to be used to return Earth’ s carbon cycle back to pre-industrial levels last seen in the 18th century. We will make net zero a reality, as a key technology for the survival of the planet and create society where energy is permanently recycled and the energy system is finally stable.

Advance manufacturing and
technology capabilities
to launch humankind into a new era.

We will contribute to the rapid growth of the fusion industry, with a sharp focus on realising technologies and pushing beyond the current limits in manufacturing. We will take human capabilities to new heights, whilst improving the harmony between humans and the natural world.<


Establish the fusion industry and
become an industrial leader
based on Japan’s unique technology.

With the world’s most advanced fusion plant engineering and a team of
professionals developed at Kyoto University, we will not only accelerate the
realisation of fusion energy, but also make a significant contribution to the
development of the global fusion industry by developing industrial
competitiveness based on Japan’s unique technology.

Create key fusion plant
components by leveraging
innovative Japanese technology.

Provide the highest quality engineering solutions to the world’s fusion research institutes and private developers, to contribute to the realisation of fusion energy demonstration as a global company, but “made in Japan”. Competitive advantage gained in key technology areas.

Establish fusion as an industry
and to build industrial
competitiveness based on Japan’s
unique technology.

We will not only make fusion commercially viable, but we will also make a significant contribution to the development of the global fusion industry as a key player, demonstrating strong competitiveness based on Japan’s unique technology and manufacturing capability.

Achieve a net zero society
and establish a clean energy
system for humankind, forever.

To achieve decarbonisation and establish a technology to provide limitless clean energy. This goal is important for the future of human life and of the earth itself.
Explanation of our contribution
to a carbon-neutral society
Fusion Energy is the unlimited, carbon-free, ultimate green energy of the future. We believe it will spark a paradigm shift to fundamentally transform the use of energy by humankind. Inexhaustible electricity generation; an energy source with no fuel constraints; the potential for hydrogen and liquid fuel production without carbon emissions; carbon capture and storage from the atmosphere – fusion has the power to make this world a reality.
In order to sustain the future of humankind, we are leading the way in the development of next-generation technologies, collaborating with Kyoto University and other leading research institutions to develop innovative solutions to utilize high temperature heat extracted from Fusion Energy.
We aim to realize a net-zero future with fusion energy, to create a sustainable society.
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