THE FUSION ERA – Shining a Spotlight on Women in Kyoto Fusioneering: Celebrating Their Contributions to Fusion and Inspiration

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This week, THE FUSION ERA blog shines a spotlight on the remarkable women leaders who play a role in shaping the fusion energy industry at Kyoto Fusioneering.

In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8th, Kyoto Fusioneering (KF) highlights the inspiring career journeys of several of our women fusioneers who are making significant impacts within the global fusion energy sector. This year, we’re privileged to feature insights from four remarkable women fusioneers who generously share their stories about the driving forces behind their pursuit of careers in fusion at KF. They also reflect on the environments that have nurtured their professional growth, enriching both themselves and the industry as a whole.

Maki Okada, Researcher in Electro Magnetic Technology Division

My primary responsibility revolves around establishing test facilities for Factory Assessment and conducting functional tests on gyrotron systems during the manufacturing process. Recently, I have also contributed to the design of the gyrotron’s water system. In addition to my testing duties, I possess the flexibility to work remotely. This allows me to collaborate with engineers and researchers at the forefront of gyrotron research and development, including our esteemed CTO, Prof. Keishi Sakamoto, and Vice President and Head of Electro Magnetic Technology, Mr. Kenichi Hayashi. My decision to join the company was driven by my passion for advancing gyrotron R&D. If you share a similar interest in operating large electron tubes, I encourage you to consider joining our team!

Suneui Lee, Engineer in Plant Technology Division

My role at KF involves the development of a tritium storage system within the fuel cycle. For instance, I assess the capability of metal hydrides and design tritium storage beds to enhance efficiency. At KF, our work environment fosters progress and a healthy lifestyle with its non-hierarchical structure and open discussions on both technical and non-technical topics. This liberal environment facilitates continuous learning and idea-sharing, contributing to our overall well-being. The realization that fusion energy advancement is intrinsically linked with KF’s mission has inspired me to work here. I firmly believe in the feasibility of fusion energy, driven by the passion and enthusiasm of individuals dedicated to this field. Join us in the pursuit of a sustainable energy future through fusion!

Akiko Miyauchi, Associate in Finance Division

In the finance team, I focus on fundraising initiatives, while in the governance team, I manage operations such as shareholder and board meetings, as well as commercial registrations. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance for me involves remote work flexibility and efficient time management. Equally important is fostering open and honest communication within the team, which cultivates mutual trust and respect, creating a supportive work environment. Additionally, the flat organizational structure with smooth communication flow allows for enjoyable interactions with colleagues from all levels. I’m motivated to be part of a team dedicated to revolutionizing the energy sector and pioneering innovative solutions. Since joining, I’ve found fulfillment in working alongside passionate individuals who share the same vision and aspirations.

Miki Nishimura, Manager in Business Development Division

In my role at KF, I engage with clients and experts, leveraging my physics background to bridge the gap between plant technology and plasma expertise, exemplified by guiding Japanese suppliers’ technical capabilities into fusion applications. The supportive work environment at KF fosters continuous progress and a healthy work-life balance, with diverse expertise enabling fruitful discussions and genuine, warm communication, making it an uplifting atmosphere to thrive in. Inspired by the cutting-edge knowledge and collaborative spirit of fusion, my advice to others is to pursue their interests, gradually building expertise in various aspects, whether technical or business or public relations. The creation of a new industry requires a variety of skills and collaboration among people from different backgrounds. It is important to strike a balance between not being afraid of what you don’t know and asking for help from other professionals and being empowered in your own area of expertise.

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