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Around the world, rapid progress is being made to develop a working fusion reactor. While primary focus is on understanding fusion physics, there are several next-step engineering and technology challenges that must be solved to realise commercial fusion energy.

Spun-out of Kyoto University, with access to world-class facilities and expertise, Kyoto Fusioneering will design, develop and build fusion technology to address these challenges.

With an agile approach to innovation, Kyoto Fusioneering will match the ambition and the rapid pace of the private fusion industry by creating novel, high-performance and low cost technology.

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We support all efforts to realise commercial fusion.

We are developing technology for all fusion reactor configurations, from magnetic confinement fusion to magnetized target or inertial confinement fusion approaches.

Tokamak fusion reactor
(magnetic confinement configuration)

Target-based fusion reactor
(inertial or magnetized target configuration)

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