Spun-out of Kyoto University, with access to world-class facilities and expertise,
Kyoto Fusioneering will design, develop and build fusion technology to address key challenges to commercialization.

What is Fusion Energy?

The ultimate energy solution: fusion.

Has abundant
primary fuels.
Is inherently safe,
with no risk of a runaway
nuclear reaction
causing meltdown.
Does not produce
radioactive waste.
Does not produce
greenhouse emissions.
Nuclear fusion is the process that powers the sun and the stars.

Under extreme temperatures and pressures,
light elements join together to release enormous amounts of energy.

If this energy can be reproduced and harnessed on Earth, it could provide an energy source of unparalleled potential.
The fusion reaction:
・Does not produce long-lived radioactive waste.
・Is inherently safe, with no risk of a runaway nuclear reaction causing meltdown.
・Does not produce greenhouse emissions.
・Has abundant primary fuels.

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We have “Fusion power core technology” and “Plant engineering technology”,
Through these, we will realize “Explanation of our contribution to a carbon-neutral society”.

Explanation of our contribution
to a carbon-neutral society

Plant engineering technology

Fusion power core technology

Explanation of our contribution
to a carbon-neutral society
Nuclear fusion is the unlimited, carbon-free, ultimate green energy of the future. We believe it will spark a paradigm shift to fundamentally transform the use of energy by humankind.
Inexhaustible electricity generation; an energy source with no fuel constraints; the potential for hydrogen and liquid fuel production without carbon emissions; carbon capture and storage from the atmosphere – fusion has the power to make this world a reality.
In order to sustain the future of humankind, we are leading the way in the development of next-generation technologies, collaborating with Kyoto University and other leading research institutions to develop innovative solutions to utilize high temperature heat extracted from nuclear fusion.
We aim to realize a net-zero future with fusion energy, to create a sustainable society.
Plant engineering technology
Novel fusion power plants require novel technology. The development of critical plant components holds the key to the successful realization of fusion energy.
In collaboration with global partners, we are developing high quality fusion plant components catering to the needs of fusion pioneers around the world. As a fusion solutions provider, we contribute to the ambition of realizing a fusion power plant.
We are pursuing some of the world’s most advanced fusion engineering technologies. We are developing novel silicon carbide composites for use as a functional high-temperature material, tritium fuel systems including specialised tritium compatible pumps, and fusion power generation systems using liquid metals and molten salts, to name just a few.
Developing plant components to be both reliable and economical is a challenge that will test the true value of Japan’s “monozukuri” (production) capabilities. As a Japan-based company, we will contribute to the creation and expansion of the global fusion industry by leveraging Japan’s world-leading engineering ecosystem.
Fusion power core technology
A fusion reactor is said to be like “a Sun on Earth”. With this potential comes great challenges. Like in the sun, the components in the fusion power core will be exposed to extreme conditions – high temperature and power loading from the neutrons and high energy particles. We are developing key technologies that not only withstand these conditions, but can deliver high performance at the same time. These include our high-power, high-frequency microwave gyrotrons for plasma heating; advanced blankets for high-temperature extraction using silicon carbide, including our SCYLLA© design; advanced divertor systems; and exhaust pumps for recovery and recycling of unburned fuel.
As well as developing advanced hardware for customers around the world, we are also focused on providing expert support in power core engineering and design.
Kyoto Fusioneering will contribute to global fusion reactor projects by supporting efforts from the design stage and through to construction, in addition to our role in delivering major equipment for the industry as it grows exponentially in the decades ahead.

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Bringing key components of fusion to the world

Kyoto Fusioneering Co., Ltd. conducts research and development on the main components required
for commercialization of fusion and provides engineering solutions to private companies and research institutes around the world.

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