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Global electricity demand is projected to double by 2100 due to increasing population and per capita consumption [1]. Renewable energies are an important part of moving towards green power production.

However, solar farms the size of West Virginia would be needed to provide for the US energy consumption. Expressed differently, if every roof was fitted with panels, still only 40% of the current consumption would be covered for [2]. Limited to the US where the population growth is expected to be low, Stanford researchers very recently found that it is possible to provide the grid with enough power if a combination of renewable sources is used and energy storage can be provided [3].

I envisage a very different future altogether. One in which we can use eVTOL aircrafts to transport passengers on a daily basis, in which we don’t need to worry about the power consumption of sea water desalination to provide water demands. One in which we can support many power-hungry technologies that could solve society’s problems. By no means should we waste energy, it is paramount to conserve our usage as much as possible. On the other hand, with fusion power plants we don’t need to shy away from these advancements in technology. Fusion power could be an established technology in the second part of the century and Kyoto Fusioneering is its enabler. We create the building blocks for producing energy at no environmental and low financial cost.

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