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Hello everyone,
This is the Kyoto Fusioneering Public Relations Team.

We are excited to share that we successfully hosted the two-day “KF Global Camp 2023”   on the 5th and 6th June. Throughout the duration of the camp, the employees engaged in a variety of activities and experiences that aimed to foster personal and professional growth, strengthen relationships, and align the team’s goals and values.

The main objective of the event was to foster team building and enhance mutual understanding among our members from Japan, the U.K., and the U.S. We are pleased to report that the camp was attended by a total of 60 participants, making it a resounding success and leaving participants inspired, motivated, and with a renewed sense of camaraderie.

In this blog, we will provide a detailed account of the various activities that took place during the camp. Stay tuned for an exciting recap!

– Team building through curling on the first day

The camp took place in a scenic Karuizawa, Japan over a two-day, one-night period. It’s known for its summer retreat and outdoor recreation like tennis, golf, cycling and walking paths. 

Given that it was during the rainy season, the organizers faced the challenge of selecting an activity that could be conducted regardless of the weather conditions while still promoting team building and overcoming language barriers.

The chosen venue was the Ice Park in Karuizawa, a genuine curling facility, where the room temperature was a chilling 5 degrees Celsius. Despite the winter season, we were pleasantly surprised by the sunny weather, as it was an unusually warm day compared to the usual winter temperatures.

Divided into eight teams, each consisting of a well-balanced mix of management members and participants from various departments, everyone came together to practice basic curling moves and other essential skills.

Following the practice session, we engaged in a friendly game. The game followed a point system, and the team that scored three points across two matches emerged as the winner. It was a closely contested game that truly highlighted the challenges of curling.

One of the most appealing aspects of curling is that many participants are newcomers to the sport, allowing everyone to start from the same level. Members supported one another by sharing basic techniques, translating Japanese instructions for English-speaking participants, and fostering natural communication among the group.

Furthermore, team members displayed remarkable enthusiasm in cheering for each other, offering assistance, and engaging in interdepartmental and intergenerational interactions. It provided a glimpse of their personalities outside of the workplace setting. Stimulating activities that promote healthy competition like curling served as a powerful motivator for our employees. Participants had the opportunity to compete in a fair and supportive environment,which inspired them to set higher goals, and push their limits.

Curling as a team-building activity proved to be quite engaging and enjoyable!

Later in the evening, during the gala dinner , the founding members took the opportunity to share captivating anecdotes about the establishment of the company and their reflections on organizing the camp. Over a delightful dinner, they reminisced about the early days and expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to host such an event. Throughout the dinner, the curling winning team was awarded for their victory. The gala dinner celebrated a milestone in employee growth: From 8 dreamers in 2020 to 80 leaders in 2023 in fusion energy industry.

The audience listened intently to speeches by founding members

We had the opportunity to hear about the passionate vision and challenges faced during the company’s early days, which served as a reminder of the potential of fusion energy and the important role we have to play. From its humble beginning, KF emerged as a trailblazer within the fusion energy supply chain industry. By sharing the company’s story and promoting a culture of shared responsibility, our employees could develop a deeper understanding that our individual effort not only contributes to the company’s overall success, but also marks the success of the industry itself. While there were some behind-the-scenes stories shared, we’ll keep those within the company.

– On the second day, we delved into a workshop packed with valuable content!

After a day of team building and bonding on the first day, the focus shifted to engaging workshops and discussions on the second day. We explored topics related to our current progress and future aspirations, sparking insightful conversations among participants.

Department Updates: Sharing progress, challenges, and goals

In a workshop facilitated by Richard Pearson about the company’s roadmap, one of the founding members of Kyoto Fusioneering, each group engaged in discussions on tackling present-day challenges and envisioning success three years ahead.

The culture workshop provided an opportunity for open and honest discussions about both the positive and negative aspects of our company’s culture.

Various opinions were shared regarding the unique characteristics of a startup, such as discretion, challenges, and a sense of speed. Additionally, there were insights into the strong relationships among our members, including the mutual respect they bring to their work and their willingness to support each other when facing difficulties.

However, there were also comments suggesting the need for more challenges and active information sharing between Japan and other countries. These observations were shared with the members as valuable input for future improvement considerations.

Time flew by, and the workshop concluded with a closing speech delivered by a member of the management team.

And with that, the two-day KF Global Camp 2023 came to an end.

At the conclusion of the event, all participating members gathered for a commemorative photo

The most memorable aspect of the event was the chance to meet in person with members from other locations whom I had previously only interacted with online. It was a heart- centered Global Camp for people that are doing work that they are proud of.

While online communication is effective, face-to-face meetings allowed us to have conversations and build trust and stronger connections.

Our Global camp was an immersive experience that really could transform individuals and teams. The Global camp ignited a collective spirit that still resonates. The memories and lessons learned during the camp become the foundation for a more unified, motivated, and successful organization.

Although I’m unsure if we’ll have the same opportunity next year, I hope we can arrange a gathering for all members to meet at least once a year.

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