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Kyoto Fusioneering Ltd. is pleased to announce a change in its management structure, effective October 16, 2023: 

1. New Management Structure 

Name New position Former position 
Taka NagaoCo-Founder, Representative Director and Chairman Co-Founder, Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer 
Satoshi Konishi Co-Founder, Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer Co-Founder and Chief Fusioneer  

2. Reason for the Change 

Since our inception in October 2019, Kyoto Fusioneering Ltd. has focused relentlessly on making fusion energy, the ultimate energy solution, a reality. The fusion energy landscape has evolved substantially, garnering significant interest from governments, academic institutions, and a growing number of startups. 

As we embark on our fifth year, we’re making strategic changes to our management structure to amplify our impact in the expanding fusion energy sector. Led by Satoshi Konishi, with nearly 40 years of specialized fusion experience, we will strengthen our core competencies in fusion energy technology and plant engineering. 

Our priorities include advancing technology demonstration and improving technology maturity. To achieve this, we are adopting a two-person representative director structure, which will foster greater organizational collaboration across our business and corporate divisions. 

This change underscores our commitment to remain at the cutting edge of fusion energy, capitalizing on emerging opportunities in this rapidly evolving field. 

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