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Kyoto Fusioneering crafted a visual map to offer comprehensive insights into the global fusion private sector, spanning individual countries and continents. This dynamic map aims to serve as a usable resource for a diverse audience, including journalists, investors, environmentalists, and more, providing detailed information about the presence of global fusion energy companies and startups.

When using this map, please inform the Kyoto Fusioneering PR Team at media@kyotofusioneering.com

Global Fusion Private Companies Map 2023

Global Fusion Private Companies Map 2023 By Continent

Both Global Fusion Private Companies Map are available for download from the link below.

*The data on this map primarily originates from the ‘Global Fusion Industry in 2023’ report, which was published by Fusion Industry Association (FIA) in 2023. Please be aware that there may be instances where certain companies in the report are absent due to considerations related to branding and logo usage.

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