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As we approach the end of 2023 and the holiday season, just like everyone else we held our Year-End Party. We will share the atmosphere of the day along with some snaps.

– A Hybrid Year-End Party

With over 100 members in our company, we aim to foster cross-departmental, cross-generational, and cross-regional interactions. To achieve this, we organised venues in both Tokyo and Kyoto and arranged meal deliveries for those joining remotely, ensuring a shared experience regardless of location.

Our Year-End Party is not just about bidding farewell to the year, it is also an opportunity to look back on our activities throughout the year. The goal is to strengthen teamwork for a successful leap into 2024.

Event Kick-off

The event started with a vibrant atmosphere, and a speech from our CEO, Satoshi Konishi. He raised a toast to the year’s achievements and boosted morale for the challenges we’ll face in the year ahead.
His Year-End message is here.

We also received video messages from our members working in the UK and the US. They shared their reflections on the past year and expressed their enthusiasm for the year ahead. Despite physical distances, our day-to-day interactions and opportunities to share our thoughts help us to work with shared perspective.

Afterwards, we chatted to each other while enjoying a delicious meal. It was a time to step away from work and have fun with people from different departments and generations.

Quiz Competition with Fun Prizes!

The latter part of the event featured a quiz, and everyone split into teams to test their knowledge. The questions were challenging, ranging from “Who is X’s favorite sumo wrestler?” to “What is the name of Y’s pet turtle?” Despite the difficulty, many team members managed to correctly answer, which is perhaps a showcase of the strength of our team’s communication.

The quiz was not only entertaining but also revealed new facets of our members, sparking lively conversations after the quiz.

While this event focused on our members in Japan, our UK office also had a Holiday Party, gathering local members and their families for dinner and mini-golf.
Our US office started full operations earlier this year and didn’t have a party, but is looking forward to events in the coming year.

This past year has been a whirlwind for our company, and we are immensely grateful for the support we’ve received. It is hard to predict what next year holds, but we are determined to work together to make 2024 another remarkable year of growth.

Though it’s a bit early, we wish a very happy holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

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