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Kyoto Fusioneering (KF) announced the following personnel change.

■ Personnel Change (Effective April 1st, 2024)

NameNew TitlePrevious Title
Taka NagaoCo-Founder, Director and ChairmanCo-Founder, Representative Director
and Chairman

Taka Nagao’s comment:
For KF to continue its strong growth towards achieving its mission and vision, establishing a sustainable management structure was deemed paramount. Since last October, as Representative Director and Chairman, I have been working with Satoshi, Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer, to incubate talent, delegating authority and optimizing the organizational setup. As a result, I am convinced that we have cultivated a foundation for a management structure geared to global and sustainable growth, one that maintains the speed required of a start-up under the leaders heading the technology, business development and corporate design divisions respectively, without being overly dependent on the founding members.
Although I am stepping down from my position as Representative Director, I will continue contributing to KF’s growth as Director and Chairman. Thank you for your continued support.

Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer Satoshi Konishi’s comment:
Thanks to Taka’s leadership in building a robust foundation for our business and corporate divisions during the company’s early days, we fostered an environment allowing our technical team to concentrate on research and development. By the end of last year, as we transitioned to a new management structure, we instituted an executive leadership team vested with the necessary authority to spearhead our global business expansion. This has thereby laid the groundwork for our leap forward.
To achieve milestones towards the realisation of fusion energy at an accelerated pace, I will continue driving efforts as Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer, working alongside our directors and employees while fully leveraging my background as a researcher and engineer.

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