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Yuto Yoshioka, Head of Business Development, Business & Marketing Dept. 
Yuto joined Kyoto Fusioneering in November 2021. Before joining KF, he worked for Mitsubishi Corporation for a natural gas project in Indonesia. Later, after working as a crude oil trader in Singapore, he was involved in the power business in Asia and the US. He holds a B.S. degree  from University of Kyoto, Japan.  

What made you decide to join KF? 
I have been a crude oil trader in my previous job and felt that I had honed my sensitivity to the global economy and capital flow. This made me want to challenge myself not to simply make money in my future career, but to change the world for the better. 

When considering the next step in my career, KF had a scale that was comparable to the world I worked in before. KF also had a well designed business, which is why I decided to move on. Also, it was significant to me that the management team were attractive and trustworthy as individuals. 

What are you currently working at KF? 
My main responsibility is to manage and direct the overall business related to Gyrotrons (plasma heating systems). Specifically, about 30-40% of my work is related to the Gyrotron projects, including project management of contracts, strategic planning to win prospective contracts, and coordination of the division’s structure.  

The remaining 60-70% of my work is often acting as a PM for several projects. For example, I have been  involved in handling tenders for the UK governmental fusion programme, project management of the in-house project that develops a mini fusion power simulation plant, from extracting the heat from fusion to generating electricity, and the organization of subsidy-related activities. 

What do you enjoy most working at KF? 
I have enjoyed the projects I have been involved in over the past few months, many of which are directly related to KF’s main business, and it is very pleasant to be able to think about the company’s issues as my own. In addition, I work closely with the people in charge of projects that I am not involved in, so I have the opportunity if I want to take part. I feel that my daily actions are directly linked to the future of the company, which is very fulfilling. 

Also, it is honorable to work in an environment where you can work with professionals from various specialities and backgrounds. Working with colleagues who have something I don’t have makes me more willing to listen to them and to work hard for them. Each of us respects the other members and I think this leads to trust in each other. 

What kind of society do you want to achieve through KF? 
Personally, I am aiming for a future in which fusion related Japanese companies are able to steadily generate revenues and profit, and have their value acknowledged internationally. Of course, I would like KF to be at the center of this, but my goal is the growth of the industry itself. 

What kind of person do you think would be a good match for KF? 
The ideal person for KF is capable of thinking, deciding and acting independently. In our workplace, multiple projects are required to be carried out concurrently and speedily, so the person would be a good match if he/she can think about how to proceed by himself/herself, rather than waiting for instructions by others. 

On the other hand, it is also important to be able to communicate with others. There are many opportunities to work with people of various ages and backgrounds in this industry, and in addition to dealing with global business partners, they will also be dealing with highly skilled engineers and government officers. So, I believe that those who can communicate softly but also can convey their intentions and objectives clearly will be able to be successful players at KF. 

Do you have any comments for people considering joining KF? 
KF is a company where you can learn from each other with trusted members and enjoy the present moment to the fullest. Let’s change the future together! 

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