Kyoto Fusioneering chosen to take part in the conceptual design of UKAEA’s STEP Programme as a member of the Engineering Delivery Partner consortium

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The United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) has selected the international expert consortium that will deliver a major leg of the STEP Program, which aims to design and build a commercial scale prototype fusion energy plant by 2040. The STEP Engineering Delivery Partner consortium is led by Atkins as a prime contractor, a member of the SNC-Lavalin Group, and composed of five of the market’s other leading engineering companies. Its main objective is to support completing the concept design of the plant by 2024.

Amongst these organizations, Kyoto Fusionering has been selected as a fusion solutions provider to deliver key engineering plant components for STEP. KF will be mainly responsible for the conceptual design of In-Vessel Components such as “blankets*1” and “divertors*2”.

Kyoto Fusioneering has been awarded several contracts to provide services to the UKAEA, most prominently one as a Tier 1 Supplier on the UKAEA Tritium Engineering Framework for the STEP Fuel Cycle*3.  

Participation in the UKAEA Tritium Engineering Framework contract, and STEP Engineering Delivery Partner consortium contract positions Kyoto Fusioneering as an critical solution provider related to these engineering technologies. 

Kyoto Fusioneering is driven by collective effort to commercialize fusion as the fastest path to deliver a new sustainable energy for the future for humankind. It continually seeks opportunities to develop its in-house experience and skill. By participating in this initiative, Kyoto Fusioneering will continue to build capability and collaborate with the world’s leading fusion-related companies and research institutions.

*1 Blanket: A device that constitutes the inner wall of a fusion reactor and extracts heat from the reactor.
*2 Divertor: exhaust system that removes unburned fuel, fusion-produced helium and impurities.
*3    Please refer to the following press release for the example of past orders.

[EDP member composition].
Atkins (UK, lead contractor)
Assystem (France)
Oxford Sigma Ltd (UK)
Kyoto Fusioneering Ltd (Japan)
Ansaldo Energia (Italy)

Please refer to the press release from Atkins on the EDP decision below.

About Kyoto Fusioneering Ltd.
Kyoto Fusioneering is a privately funded technology start-up founded in 2019, with its headquarters in Kyoto, Japan. The company is focused on developing advanced technologies for commercial fusion reactors, including gyrotron systems, tritium fuel cycle technologies, and breeding blankets for tritium production and power generation. Kyoto Fusioneering is developing innovative solutions that are simultaneously high-performance and commercially viable. Supporting both public and private fusion developers around the world, the company is accelerating the realization of fusion as the ultimate energy source for humankind.

Media Contact (English and Japanese language)
E-mail: media@kyotofusioneering.com
HP: https://kyotofusioneering.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kyotofusioneer
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/kyoto-fusioneering/

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