THE FUSION ERA – Exporting Kyoto Fusioneering’s Gyrotrons to the UK

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We are thrilled to announce that key components of the plasma heating system “Gyrotron” safely arrived in the UK in March. Two sets of gyrotrons were designed for the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA).

UKAEA will use gyrotron technology on its MAST-U fusion machine, sited at Culham Campus, Oxfordshire. Gyrotrons can provide high-power microwaves for amplifying fusion reactions. The outcomes of this project will support UKAEA and the UK fusion community to develop future fusion powerplants.

This milestone is a significant achievement for us, and we’d like to share the journey of these gyrotrons, documenting the process.

Achieving the Milestone Together

Delivering the gyrotrons to the customer involves various processes, and it generally follows “order placement”, “design”, “component manufacturing (outsourced)”, “assembly”, “adjustment and performance testing”, “transportation”, ” Site Acceptance Test (SAT)” and final “Delivery.” This blog is about the “transportation” stage.

The success of this project required collaboration across our technical, business, and corporate departments. Let’s take a closer look at their contributions up to the transportation phase.

Technical Development Department

Our technical team conducted rigorous adjustment and performance testing to ensure the gyrotrons met the customer’s criteria. We have previously published a blog post detailing this process. The team visited UKAEA’s facility this past January to verify the placement of components for the final SAT.

Technical team members repeated tests until the requested results were achieved in various aspects such as gyrotron output frequency, pulse width, etc.

Business Department

Once a contract is secured, our business team members play a crucial role in project management, working closely with the customer, component suppliers, and our technical team to ensure smooth progress.

Manufacturing the gyrotron involves nearly 50 domestic and international cooperating companies, particularly with Japanese manufacturers whose cooperation was indispensable. Maintaining strong relationships with these companies is also critical.

Corporate Department

The corporate team handled various export procedures and ensured the safe transportation of the gyrotrons. They collaborated with the technical team to determine suitable packaging specifications, obtain cargo insurance, select transportation carriers, and make logistical arrangements.

They also coordinate with UK members for transportation and on-site acceptance checks to ensure the successful completion of the delivery project down to the minute details.

Preparing for transportation. The parts to be transported were checked thoroughly.

Members are sending off the gyrotrons, hoping for their safe travel.

The Final Stage: Site Acceptance Test

With the gyrotrons safely in the UK, we are now entering the final stage of the project: the site acceptance test (SAT). While UKAEA members will primarily conduct the testing, our technical team will visit the site to discuss testing methods and other details.

Gyrotron arrives in the UK. Upon hearing the news of its safe arrival, we were relieved.

The expertise and dedication of each team member have enabled us to achieve this milestone, despite it being our first in transporting two gyrotrons. We will continue to work together as one team to complete the project.

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