THE FUSION ERA – MIT Students Explore Fusion Energy at Kyoto Fusioneering

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The Fusion Era: MIT Students Explore Fusion Energy at Kyoto Fusioneering

On January 31, we hosted students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as part of the Innovation Discovery Japan (IDJ) program. In this blog post, we will share the highlights of the day of the visit.

Why Kyoto Fusioneering?

The MIT students came to Japan as part of IDJ, which aims to deepen understanding of Japanese technology and business through exchanges with innovative Japanese companies. We were delighted to open our doors again to MIT students, as we did last year. The purpose was not only to support IDJ’s activities but also for us to showcase Fusion Energy’s potential to speak to a broader audience.

(For more information about IDJ, click here.)

The Day Begins with Learning Business and Technology

The day kicked off with the first presenter, Dr. Andrew Ballard, from the Business Development Division providing an insightful overview of fusion energy and our global business activities. Many students seemed surprised to learn about our international reach.

Following that, four members from the Plant Technology Division delved into the intricacies of our technology, covering areas such as Thermal Cycle System, Fuel Cycle System, Materials, and Safety and Regulation. The diverse team highlighted the collaborative working environment within the department. For a detailed explanation of our technology, please visit our website and blog.

Mr. Kyosuke Namba (upper left), in charge of the Thermal Cycle System, and Dr. Suneui Lee (upper right), responsible for Fuel Cycle System. The diverse team also features Dr. Reuben Holmes (lower left), and Mr. Minoru Jimma (lower right), who have been featured on our blog in the past.

The Electro Magnetic Technology Division then presented the Gyrotron system, a crucial component for the plasma heating systems for fusion reactors. The presentation detailed our business model, emphasizing the conversion of technology from Japanese research institutes for industrial applications and our successful track record of securing overseas orders.

Mr. Konan Yagasaki, a researcher, explained how the gyrotron system works.

The interactive Q&A session allowed students to actively engage with our team, showcasing their curiosity and genuine interest. Even during the break, some students took the opportunity to dig deeper into specific topics with our members.

To close the day, CEO Konishi shared insights into the works at Kyoto Fusioneering, our vision, and our mission. His passion for fusion energy, contributing to academia and the industry for over 40 years, inspired everyone present.

Group Photo and Reflection

As the event concluded, a group photo captured the shared experience. Considering some initial concerns that the content might be too specific, we were thrilled to see the students actively participate and inquire during the Q&A session.

We hope that this visit sparked interest in fusion energy, and perhaps some will consider joining Kyoto Fusioneering to contribute to the realization of fusion energy. Lastly, a heartfelt thank you to the MIT staff for their invaluable support in organizing this event.

【About IDJ】

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